The "Block access" screen provides the ability to block your access to MIP VTB SE. You are blocking only your own access, but not the access of other beneficial owners (users).

If you decide to carry out this action, your user account will be locked and you will be logged out immediately. Only your account manager is able to unlock your user account.

Action elements

Block access
You will be logged off immediately and your user account will be blocked.
Contact A new window containing contact data of VTB Bank (Europe) SE will be opened.
Help / FAQ A new window containing online help / FAQ (this page) will be opened.
Security advices A new window containing security advices for online banking will be opened.
VeriSign logo A new window containing advices related to the identity of the website will be opened. This gives you the ability to check, that you are really on the e-banking website of VTB Bank (Europe) SE.
Imprint A new window containing the imprint will be opened.