The overview screen provides an overall view and is shown automatically once you have logged in. The screen consists of the following elements:

  • Menu
  • Advices
  • Account overview
  • Contact data
  • Links, Buttons und Icons


Having completed the login, advices are shown in the central column. This advices consist amongst others of the following:

  • Point in time of the previous login (always existing)
  • Advices of customer care
  • Technical advices (e.g. maintenance notifications)

If you should recognize, that the shown point in time of the previous login does not match the point in time remembered by yourself, this can be an indication, that unauthorized persons might have notice of your login data. For this case we recommend to change the password immediately or to block access to your account. Please be aware, that date and time shown are reflecting Frankfurt am Main local time (GMT+1).

Account overview

The account overview provides an overall view on all accounts available in MIP VTB. Column explanation:

Account no.
Account number
Description Account description
Date Date of the last statement of account
Balance Closing balance of the last statement of account
Unbooked balance
Current balance considering pre-posted items (not final). This balance is shown without obligation just for your information.
Value-dated balance
Current balance considering booking values. As this balance also contains pre-posted items (not final), it is without any obligation.
  • Icon "Show postings": The postings screen is called and postings for the chosen account are displayed.
  • Icon "Create new transaction": A payment entry screen is displayed.

Contact data

The right column shows the contact data of your account manager and the technical helpdesk. The follwing information is displayed for each contact:

  • Name of the contact
  • Phone no.
  • Fax no.
  • e-mail address

For questions concerning your accounts and account postings please always contact your account manager. Technical and security questions are answered by our helpdesk.

Action elements

Refresh Refreshes the account overview.
Icons (above the acount overview)
Filters on
Display of the following elements:
  • Input field for search criteria
  • Icon "Search and highlight matches"
  • Icon "Show matches only"
This elements allow you to search the displayed data, to highlight matches and hide accounts not matching the search criteria.
Export to CSV file
The contents of the account overview will be provided as a file using the CSV format. The file can be saved or opened directly. (CSV files are commonly opened using spreadsheet programs, e.g. Microsoft Excel)
Print table
A new window will be opened presenting the account overview in a printer-friendly manner.
Contact A new window containing contact data of VTB Bank (Europe) SE will be opened.
Help / FAQ A new window containing online help / FAQ (this page) will be opened.
Security advices
A new window containing security advices for online banking will be opened.
VeriSign logo A new window containing advices related to the identity of the website will be opened. This gives you the ability to check, that you are really on the e-banking website of VTB Bank (Europe) SE.
Imprint A new window containing the imprint will be opened.