You need the authenticate yourself using the login screen before you can use MIP VTB. The screen consists of the following elements:

  • input fields for login
  • links & buttons

Input fields

User ID
your User ID
Password your password
Security Method type of used security media

(Several methods are available for login. All facts worth knowing can be found under "security media".)

Action elements

Login Start login processing.
Settings For some security methods different settings can be maintained. Those settings are described in chapter "security media".
Next For some security methods you will be guided through the login procedure consisting of several steps by an assistant.
www.vtb.eu Website of VTB Bank (Europe) SE will be opened in a new window.
Contact A new window containing contact data of VTB Bank (Europe) SE will be opened.
Help / FAQ A new window containing online help / FAQ (this page) will be opened.
Security advices
A new window containing security advices for online banking will be opened.
VeriSign logo A new window containing advices related to the identity of the website will be opened. This gives you the ability to check, that you are really on the e-banking website of VTB Bank (Europe) SE.
Imprint A new window containing the imprint will be opened.