The direct debit screen is used to enter single direct debit orders. The screen consists of the following elements:

  • Menu
  • Input fields for payment entry
  • Links, Buttons and Icons

Input fields

Recent account Your account, which shall be credited with the direct debit amount
Payer Full name of the payer
Account number Account number of the payer (the button right beside the field allows you to select one of your own accoounts as payer.)
Bank code Bank code of the payer (the button right beside the field allows you to search for bank codes)
Bank name Recipients bank name (this field will be filled automatically by entering the bank code)
Amount Collection amount
Purpose Information for the payer to match the payment.
Text key The text key specifies the payment type. Normally "05 Direct Debit (with recourse)" is the right choice, if you have an collection authorization of the payer. Alternatively you may choose "04 Direct Debit (without recourse)" if a debit advice mandate exists.
Save as  template This function is used to save the direct debit order as a template for future direct debit orders. For this details are existing, which are only shown if required:

Save for: Determine for whom the template should be visible and useable:

  • Only for me: the template can only be seen and used by yourself
  • Customer: the template can be seen and used by all persons authorized to access MIP VTB SE (e.g. MIP VTB SE users of your company)
  • Account: see "Customer", however persons from other companies authorized to access your MIP VTB SE accounts can see und use your templates too. (Function normally only relevant for company groups and concerns)
  Template name: define a name for easy identification and usage of the template.
  Save: save the template. You may view, modify, delete and use the template afterwards.

Action elements

From template...
A list of available templates is displayed, which can be used for this order type. You may take over the template data into the entry form by clicking onto the template.

The direct debit will be checked against the format rules, found errors will be displayed. The direct debit will be saved, but won't be executed. The saved direct debit can be modified, signed and executed using the "Incomplete orders" screen.

Direct debits, which are marked as "complete", must meet the format rules. They can be signed and executed using the "Incomplete orders" screen.

Direct debits, which are marked as "incomplete", do not need to meet the format rules. They must be marked as "complete" using the "Incomplete orders" screen, before they can be signed and executed.

New order The entry screen will be emptied, allowing you to enter a new direct debit. You need to save the previous transfer before, otherwise you might lose the entered data.

The entered data will be displayed again allowing you to verify the correctness. You may modify ("Modify Inputs") or save ("Send order") the payment.

  (Several methods are available for authorization. All facts worth to know can be found under "Security media")
Contact A new window containing contact data of VTB Bank (EUROPE) SE will be opened.
Help / FAQ A new window containing online help / FAQ (this page) will be opened.
Security advices
A new window containing security advices for online banking will be opened.
VeriSign logo A new window containing advices related to the identity of the website will be opened. This gives you the ability to check, that you are really on the e-banking website of VTB Bank (EUROPE) SE.
Imprint A new window containing the imprint will be opened.